Inaugural Post – Welcome!

It’s been clear for some time now that many of our day-to-day activities impact the environment and threaten our future. Everyday, it seems, we are inundated with talk about “silver bullet” technologies that will revolutionize our lives – or, rather, that will allow us precisely the same comforts we currently enjoy without the damaging environmental impacts that characterize them today. We’ll soon be able to drive our cars and heat our homes without contributing to climate change and grow unprecedented amounts of food without polluting our water. These breakthroughs are just around the corner, if only investors would buy in or politicians would wake up.  The silver bullet is finally within reach. If you believe everything you hear.

Confusingly, we hear just as much about the pitfalls of these pie-in-the-sky technologies. Solar panels are far too inefficient to amount to anything useful, we know, and high-speed rail will sink our economy without delivering the promised environmental benefits. Besides, we have enough coal and natural gas to deliver us to a carbon-neutral future starting today – as long as we can figure out how to effectively bury their emissions. But by now, we know not to believe everything we hear.

So who’s right and who’s wrong? Where do these technologies stand, and where do they stand to take us? What do they really offer, and at what cost? In short, what’s the verdict?

Fortunately, CleanTechVerdict is here to answer these and many other questions. Born of a passion for progress and an ever-growing frustration with claims without facts, determinations without data (and a love of alliteration), CleanTechVerdict strives to dig through the jargon and separate misinformation from reliable facts. Our purpose isn’t to promote any specific technology or policy, only to lay out the truth as we see it. To be clear – based on our verdicts, we won’t hesitate to opine about what might be good choices going forward. But we’ll always take pains to make a clear distinction between our personal views (based on analysis, not passions or politics) and the facts. They’re yours to assess. Finally.

So welcome! If you have questions or comments, or want a specific technology, system, or policy discussed, feel free to email us at Thanks for reading and enjoy!



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